Wondering in a land of root and package management


I am exactly around 60ish days until my departure to SoCal from NoWA. The excitement is building and so is the uncertainty in the trail. There are 3 forest fires in Oregon already- guess it will help cook my food but I really have to worry about the possibility of overcooking.

In all seriousness- my pack is pretty much complete. I am hovering around 10lbs for my base weight but it will probably be around 12lbs when I am fully packed with my anti-alien umbrella. Still waiting to purchase my train tickets and the rest of my food. Trying to dehydrate as much as possible so I can have some variety.

I hope to be able to keep up with a trail journal here- my camera and phone should be able to post pictures, journal updates etc. for those that want to keep up to date.

I have no idea if I will be able to make it to Manning- but you never know until you try… and you never try if you are too afraid of the unknown.

It will be odd not being able to ssh into the rdp sql session bootloader anymore. Ooh wait….

One thought on “Wondering in a land of root and package management

  1. Sounds like an awesome adventure and a true break from “the land of root and package management”! Looking forward to your posts and especially your diet along the way 🙂 Sudzy48

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