First phone post.

I am only 4-7 weeks away from departing and I have a ton of things to accomplish, from testing out the WordPress app, to Securing a reliable method of transferring my photos from my camera to my phone.

Some quick notes: my USB charging wall wart doesn’t work, the WordPress app is buggy(don’t worry… their website works splendidly), the only otg micro USB to micro USB cable was $119 online (I made mine for $1.50), my umbrella has been successfully attached to my pack (I look amazing… if you are wondering.) The coming weeks will hopefully include full scale dehydrating, more exercise, and a set leave date.

Things that went really well: I made good coffee, rebuilt my father’s computer, partially rebuilt my server, and worked on data redundancy and my disaster plan.

This is me.. with my stylish umbrella. Note the terrible qualities of my phone’s camera:



Ears are a powerful thing, yet remain unnoticed until they decide to not work properly. I was diagnosed with Benign Positional Vertigo (aka BPV) after a few weeks of random dizzy spells, it became more permanent as the weekend progressed.

According to healthline… “BPV develops when small pieces of calcium break free and find their way to the tube in the inner ear. This causes your brain to receive confusing messages about your body’s position.”

As fascinating as I find this to be, I would like it to stop now. Maybe we could just remove that ear? My right ear has always given me problems, and I think I could manage without it. I guess my biggest concern would have to do with the PCT, but having this happen now is really good for being prepared if it strikes again.

Anyways… back to the Epley’s Maneuver. I hope I can go back to work tomorrow…


I will start off saying that I find Snakes to be quite fascinating. The photo below is of a Diamondback and was taken in Eastern Washington in the Umtanum Creek area. I actively searched for one, and they are relatively predictable creatures. Ain’t he/she cute?


That is until you step on one by accident…

Going by statistics, it is easy to calm yourself as only 2 PCT hikers have ever been bitten, and most rattlesnake bites occur with people aged 19-30 as they drunkenly decide it is a good idea to catch one. “Sixty-five percent of snakebites occur on the hand or fingers, 24 percent on the foot or ankle, and 11 percent elsewhere. One case was reported of a snakebite on the glans penis.” I figure none of that will happen to me. Especially that last one…

But then it happened… I read about the “Mojave Green”…

Then I had the BRILLIANT idea that I would look them up on Wikipedia. The two facts that stood out:

scutulatus is widely regarded as producing one of the most toxic snake venoms in the New World” and…
“This species is classified as Least Concern… due to their wide distribution, presumed large population, or because they are unlikely to be declining fast”


51 Days

If you were to ask me 7 years ago about what I thought I would be doing now, I don’t think that I could have predicted my current status. I am very happy how my life has turned out so far.

I am fairly conservative when it comes to making decisions- I generally overlap jobs until I make a full transistion to the next step, so quitting everything and deciding to hike 2,650mi was not the easiest decision. My original plan was to do this hike in a few years, after I was able to secure a job that could create a rather large buffer… but as things fell into place- I knew that 2014 would be the year.

Current conditions look rather favorable for the Sierras which is good (for me… not the CA water supply), even Forester Pass only has 8″ of snow on it (13,153ft rock wall that has to be climbed on a very narrow trail). The highest peak that I have summited was only 12,276ft so it has been an area of concern. My biggest concern now is water supply through the Mojave, and Southern California. I am planning on going with my reflective umbrella, light weight zip offs and a light shirt of some kind. Still have more to plan, I have hiked in 105F temperatures before and it isn’t a huge amount of fun.

I paid for my permit today and it should arrive in the next month or so, so that is going to be an exciting step!

I put quite a few of my timelapses together about a month ago- Hope you enjoy!

Until next time… may the world keep spinning and such!