Ears are a powerful thing, yet remain unnoticed until they decide to not work properly. I was diagnosed with Benign Positional Vertigo (aka BPV) after a few weeks of random dizzy spells, it became more permanent as the weekend progressed.

According to healthline… “BPV develops when small pieces of calcium break free and find their way to the tube in the inner ear. This causes your brain to receive confusing messages about your body’s position.”

As fascinating as I find this to be, I would like it to stop now. Maybe we could just remove that ear? My right ear has always given me problems, and I think I could manage without it. I guess my biggest concern would have to do with the PCT, but having this happen now is really good for being prepared if it strikes again.

Anyways… back to the Epley’s Maneuver. I hope I can go back to work tomorrow…

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