tasty water…

Staying here for the night, got a water source that looks quite nasty. Full of bugs etc. Finally saw a rattlesnake today and had a huge swarm of bees do a flyby. I was fairly sire I stepped on a bee hive but they were just doing formation flying. Didn’t hike far today as my […]

day 1

Started hiking at about 10:00 this morning, temperature Was about 70F so it wasn’t too bad. After About 5 miles, I made contact with another group and hiked with them for the remainder of the day. Been windy and sunny which hasn’t been too bad, but the sand gets to be a little annoying. 

Still have 2mi to go to lake morena for tonight, but since there is no cellphone reception, I am posting from near morena butte.

Lots of lizards out here, no snakes. Time to blast off towards fresh water and showers!

Last day of LA

Today is the last day I have in Los Angeles, heading off to San Diego/eventually Lake Morena this afternoon. It has been quite nice being able to stay with my cousin who has graciously housed me through my stay and made some rather tasty food for me as well!

I packed my pack this morning with 3L of water, and enough food for about 7 days on the trail and I am starting to understand why people carry all of this on horses! Even at about 25 lbs… it seems rather heavy. This is why I will be taking it slow the first few weeks, and gradually speeding up (especially on the cooler days). I am also looking forward to my curry and rice mix that I made right before leaving- it is a little heavier than my other mixes, but tastes quite good!

One last note: I should have taken an AC adapter for my phone as I am running quite low on battery life (not sunny in LA amazingly). Oops.

Travel day 2

Only worthwhile issue worth mentioning today is that we picked up another train that broke down and adopted the passengers from it. Unfortunately it added 17 more stops to our route. Some people are getting annoyed but in the end… it will only add about an hour to the ride. In the beginning they were […]

travel day 1

The sun has set now, lots of snow surrounds the tracks as we slowly wind our way along cliffs. I believe we have started our descent from these mountains, my main hint is due to how incredibly fast it feels like we are going. Maybe it just means the brakes have failed. I am getting sleepy, so I hope to get some sleep before we crash. The plus side is that it would make the walk home much shorter!