Ziggy and the bears

Ziggy and the bears

Had an amazing time in whitewater with Ziggy, the bear, Ron, and the hikers. Their services that they provide are absolutely amazing and I hope they continue to be there (more hikers need to donate as they are running out of money sadly )

The long duration from my last post was due to limited reception in the whitewater preserve and 2 days in an awesome river canyon that had amazing amounts of greenery (trees even!). Finally found some poodle dog bush.
I Didn’t touch any thankfully and I hope to continue that trend. We pushed like crazy to get to big bear as smuggles called me and offered a room share at the motel 6. Today is a resupply day as we are near a normal sized grocery store and have a few days until my next box.
My feet are also starting to swell and the ends of my toes are getting blisters… so I will be going up one size for my shoes today I think. We will see what big 5 has to offer.

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