The ultralight approach.


There is always controversy over how much weight to carry into the field with you. Some people believe that you need extra weight to fully appreciate the wilderness as it will slow you down. I personally think that this thinking is bogus as I have never been more happy while hiking than when I am not in a lot of pain all the time.

There is a balance between being comfortable and being an ultralight backpacker however. Being unprepared is stupid and can be deadly, but taking along portable showers, your rock collection, and a websters dictionary can kill you just as easily. The one regret about my pack is a minor one so far, a water filter would have been good for the water above, I still drank it… but clear water was attained by other hikers with filters. Other than that… I have been able to cover the taste of dead rats and lizards with tasty drink mix. I am still purifying my water… but there are still bugs that give me extra protein.

Other than that… my pad can not pop like many others have, I am warm and dry at night, and I can be found with a smile on my face most days. If i were not here… I would be looking for a career and so far I prefer the homeless approach for now. And the ground is rather comfy.

2 thoughts on “The ultralight approach.

  1. From Jan Ng: Nate – you rock! Hope the BPV has diminished (try downward dog yoga position and shake your head back and forth like a crazy dog to loosen up the calcium rock build-up in inner ear – no foolin’). What an amazing adventure. Looking forward to catching up with you after the trip.

    • I am Bpv free thankfully ๐Ÿ™‚ had a few more bouts before I left but I have been feeling quite nice since then ๐Ÿ™‚ the epley maneuver helped me a lot thankfully! We should get coffee or something once I am back!

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