Frog detour

Today was mostly off of the official trail as a species of frog is almost extinct, so they closed 4 miles of trail and created a 18 mile detour to avoid the closed area. I decided to go for another alternate route that only adds 1 extra mile to the trip (vs. 18) and it was quite gorgeous! We went into the devils chair area and there were massive green, red, and yellow rocks everywhere. Some people are upset over them closing the trail but I have no complaints at all.

An amusing side-effect of the detour is that I got to hike on muggle trails and talk to people who had no idea what the pct was. One person even went off trail to avoid me which I found funny. I have showered recently! I swear!img20140513_144307

2 thoughts on “Frog detour

  1. Great work, it has been great folllowing your journey, although i think i caught a wiff of you from here on my way through the woods this morning 😉
    Cant wait to have you give a lecture at school about your travels

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