The mojave

The mojave

Tomorrow begins the Mojave desert. Today was spent doing a 20 mile road walk that avoided a burned area but actually followed the old pct route (40 years ago) which was impressive as a small store has kept up a hiker log since 1977 that I was able to sign. The first three years were on the first page which was quite impressive to see. Further up the road We ran into a film crew for a new cellular commercial and they were rather concerned when I mentioned a Mojave green recently. Further down the road I tried to say hello to random person getting her mail an the just glared at me and ran to her car and drove off. People are odd. I am currently in hiker town which is full of small cottages which were made to look like a small village and hikers can sleep in the village jail etc for $10 a night. I am slightly concerned that they will kill me in my sleep and feed me to the pigs but only time will tell.
Tomorrow should be about 68F through the Mojave with a chance of rain which is fairly unheard of and should make for a pleasant hike which was not expected but I will certainly not complain.
I am sleepy and sore… so I will sleep now. Goodnight everyone!

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