Bad day

So I meant to leave Tehachapi today… but about 50ft into the hike both of my calves decided to go into “beast mode” on me and have really bad cramps. I figured I could walk them off… but after about a mile of stop and go, I could walk no longer. This was a problem as I was about a mile away from the road and I could no longer walk. I stretched for a long time and was able to keep up a very slow pace. The entire 2 mile hike took about 4 hours to complete. I wasn’t in the best of moods at this point as I was hot and in quite a bit of pain- but then a very nice person drove up and offered a ride to Tehachapi as he was headed that direction and I accepted 🙂

This was one of the best hitches of the trip so far as he was a very nice person and I didn’t fear for my life for the second time on this trip (people seem to think that oncoming traffic isn’t a huge problem and that the center lane is just a suggestion) Talked with him for a little bit about his job and learned of a new way that power is made- solar mirrors!

So I made it back to the hotel and decided that the hot tub might be a good idea to soak my muscles in… which seemed to help…

But then it happened…. *plop* my phone turned into a submarine. So this may be the last update for a while as I do not have a phone anymore, there is a Verizon store in town that I will probably stop by tomorrow and see how much a phone would cost. I have a feeling that I will not like the answer!

Anyways- even a bad day has good parts, I will hopefully figure all of this out soon.


I went to Home Depot to get some star screwdrivers and on the way back I fell into a ditch and got further banged up. Than I proceeded to lock myself out of the hotel room.

Today could have gone better… I have high hopes for tomorrow!

3 thoughts on “Bad day

  1. Hi there!

    Just heard from Nathaniel (aka Tent Monster) and he is alive and well. He commented on the lack of ability to post on his blog – or to use a c-phone. Please note – he found a Pay Telephone to make the call. Must be one of the very few left!.

    Anyway – he wanted to pass along the message that he will not be posting to FB or blog for a predicted 10 days to 2 weeks – non-coverage areas.

    I will post again if there is anything of note.

    Feel free to contact me with questions –

  2. Yo dude, what’s up Bro? No Posts! WE have been waiting on baited breath and nothing, day after day after day.

    Get your act in gear and your priority straight!!

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