another storm

We have hears of another storm set to hit where we are at 10pm today. The sun dog and higher winds were a good clue. Luckily it is not going to be anywhere near as crazy as last week! Only 1/2 of an inch of snow and gusts to 35mph. We are well prepared for it and are actually looking forward to it now 🙂

10% complete!


10% of the trail is behind me and I have had an amazing number of experiences with nature and wonderful people as well. It is easy to lose hope in humanity in everyday life but I have been amazed out here.
We took a Nero today and are camped near where horrible and terrible will be starting tomorrow so we will be a group again. I gotta go eat stuff as every ounce I eat is one less ounce on my back and I like lighter packs! Hope you all enjoy your Saturday and are enjoying life! 😀

P.s. that is the most current picture of me… I may have gone a little bonkers 🙂