Past two weeks

After killing my phone… I was out of communication with the world… Until now!
I will try to summarize the events that you all have missed 🙂

Section f started after tehachapi and is known to be the least favorite section for hikers on the pct. I would agree with them so far… The real desert happens there and it isn’t very much fun. There are some cool things however. I finally saw my first scorpions which was on my bucket list… And they all wanted a hug!


We also got out first “waterless” stretch that lasted 31 miles. I say that with quotes as there are a couple water caches that kind people place out there. I try my hardest to not rely on them as I don’t feel that they should be used that way.
I also supposedly saved someone from falling off a mountain by stopping their flight reaction when a rattlesnake scared them near a cliff. I found it amusing more than anything.


The end of the 31 miles was marked by some awesome trail angels that setup a small tent city and served burritos, chocolate banana and strawberry pancakes, and grilled cheese sandwitches. This trail magic was totally unexpected and greeted me after doing 3 days which covered 82 miles. I was almost to the point of dropping out but they saved my hike with their kindness.


I also made some more hiking friends and they live in Washington as well! I have been very good about bumping into random groups and meeting new people and I actually prefer this style instead of being stuck in a group.


I have officially made it more than 25% of the trail- I should be hitting 800 miles tomorrow. My knees are holding up quite well!


I also climbed to the highest point on the pct: Forrester Pass (13,120ft) and I did it without vomiting! Out of all of the sections of the pct I looked forward to Forrester the most as the trail is carved into a rock wall. I was also very concerned as it is the highest I have ever hiked. To add to the experience we had a thunderstorm forming around the south side. Special thank you goes to mother nature for that motivation!


We were then greeted to epic views of kings canyon and I did a fun glissade down to a frozen lake. I promptly tested the temperature of the lake by postholing into the water. Guess the shore was a couple more feet away…


I then decided that I wanted internet as vvr is lacking in that department… So I hiked 7mi out and about 2kft up/3kft down to independence where I am currently writing this from a hotel room. It is more expensive than I normally pay but I want some quiet time tonight and a room full of hikers didn’t sound appealing at the hostel.

3 thoughts on “Past two weeks

  1. So – how does one hug a Scorpion? lol… very carefully! Must admit – seeing a scorpion (other than the 1977 in the garage) has been on my wanna do (from afar) list,

    I think that you will be enjoying the hike more now, as you will have (more) amazing subjects to photographs. Looking forward to seeing them all.


  2. Nathaniel,
    Great to see you’re back on the post. Was watching your progress on Spot. Glad to hear your knee is holding up. You’re moving right along and are putting some of the most difficult parts behind you.
    Keep it up and take care.

  3. Hi Nathaniel

    It’s Craig the Guy you chatted with on your way back over Kearsarge Pass on your way back getting on trail. I was with my girlfriend Melissa and buddy Scalpel (trail name)

    I see you are making great time. You are probably at Mammoth or Devils Postpile by now? We ended up staying 2 days at Rae Lakes fishing. It was a ton of fun. I wish I had the time like you do to do the whole PCT. Keep it up, if we head up North soon we will definitely look for you to bring you some trail magic.

    Be Safe and hang in there, you are doing great

    (310) 667-1601

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