The Sierras


The sierras technically started before this bridge, but the challenges and beauty increased dramatically after this point. I had looked forward to this point as it is a pretty cool bridge and it marked mile 800.


The views were epic as the air got thin. The sierra passes were fairly sketchy and there were some close calls as we descended on the north faces in the snow. We made it safely though and are out of the bad ones.


Muir pass has a hut up top for hikers that get caught in bad storms up there- some people slept up there the previous night but I stayed back with Mr. President below the summit and headed up while the snow was still fairly solid. Lots of postholing happened on the north side… It was annoying and tiring.


Beyond muir pass were a few frozen lakes with some frogs in them. It was an odd sight to see them try to swim on the top of the ice.
I am currently located in Mammoth Lakes, one of the bigger towns that I have been in recently. I was fortunate in getting a free bed to sleep on tonight and I am not sure if I will stay here for a full zero or not. My legs could probably use the rest though.

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