After going 20 miles out of Mammoth, I woke up to quite a bit of vomiting and other symptoms that spell out quick dehydration. This wasn’t very comforting as I had no idea what my illness was or how long it would be hitting me for. My three options: stay put and wait for it to subside, go north to the next place where I could find a ride to town (14mi, 1k gain), or return to mammoth (12mi, 1,490 gain) I decided to return to mammoth since I knew it well and it is a bigger town. The topic then turned to staying hydrated… I couldn’t keep water down so I started asking hikers if they had powdered Gatorade and found two awesome people who did. This worked and I made it back to town!
This worked out well as I had not gotten  pictures of the trolley and I found a cheaper room to stay in.


Isn’t it a nice trolley? I am still not 100% today so I am not eating much.

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