Homeward bound

There comes a time that I must re-evaluate my decisions and see if they are the best that could be made. the past two weeks have lead to a re-evaluation of the trip, how much I am enjoying it, what I could be doing differently, and what I plan to do to change my future tasks.

After hiking for 950 miles, I have decided that I am not enjoying the hike as much as I should be and have made the decision to go back to section hiker status. I have had an amazing time out here and loved every moment of it. I realize that some will just call me a quitter but I never expected myself to go this far in the first place. I spent more than 2 months navigating in unfamiliar territory and feel that I did an exceptional job. The experiences that I have had out here have been absolutely amazing and I will be rooting on my trail friends as they continue to head towards the beautiful state of Washington!

I am hereby transitioning to a kayaking trip that I have always wanted to do. I will also be rejoining the pct in September to finish off Washington. my knees will thank me for the time off 🙂
I have been humbled in the amount of people who have been following this blog and by all the amazing people that I have met along the trail. I will keep on posting about my adventures as I have them.

I am looking forward to seeing friends and family (and my kitty as well!).

Future trail angel,
-Tent Monster

One thought on “Homeward bound

  1. Well done Nathan! I applaud your decision and the courage you have shown for the 950 miles! Hoping to see you when you (finally) get back to Washington!

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