Kayaking and PNW hiking


Goat Island


My first goal was to go kayaking when I got home- so I went to Goat Island! Home of an old military base (Fort Whitman) and now a natural area for Eagles, the island has a lot of character. The old cement buildings where the turrets once sat are fairly moss covered at this point which gives it a lot of character. If any of you have been to Fort Warden before, it is very similar but much less known and not as easy to access. Some further information can be found here: http://fortwiki.com/Fort_Whitman

Hiking: Bare Mountain


Going from hiking at 8-12kft in California to a hike that peaks at 5kft is very noticeable. I was able to breathe! The humidity was impressive as well and made me sweat a little more than I had anticipated. Overall the hike was exceptionally easy and I loved the smells, wildlife, scenery, and views from the top! There used to be a lookout up here but it did not live for very long as it was destroyed in 1973. Unfortunately there is not much recorded history that I could find, but there were still hinges, bolts, and other artifacts up there. The basin of Bare Mountain has a lot of mining history as well but I did not visit there as I was craving iced coffee. From what I heard though, there was not much to see other than some rusting relics, a plane crash, and some adits.

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