Oyster Dome


Oyster Dome is what you get when you have an ice age to polish off a big rock and humans to create a trail to celebrate the polishing of this rock.

The trail itself is in decent condition but could use some more switchbacks added (people have cut them too much and created slippery slopes that you have to climb up (possibly fatal if rain and chainsaws are involved)

The biggest draw that I had to this hike was the proximity to Puget Sound- If the breeze is blowing the correct direction, you get the sweet smell of warm evergreens along with the salt water. It is amazing how good dead things rotting on the shoreline can smell when it is mixed properly!

The second part of the adventure was a less visited site- the bat caves. These are located under the cliffs of insanity and are just gaps that formed when the rocks fell on each other.


The spot seems to be a popular place for rock climbers to visit- the area was littered with a LOT of garbage, some ice packs, old equipment, and scorch marks from fires that were started in improper locations. You would think that these people would be more kind to nature out there- but that was not the case at all. I picked up some stuff, but forgot my garbage bag so I couldn’t do much unfortunately.


The trail also featured ancient hieroglyphics- this scene was probably painted a long time ago during a massive hunt. There were other scenes found at other locations but they were mainly words such as $%#^, @#$&%^ and @!$%. Impressive vocabulary.


This was my first visit here, and I enjoyed the hike quite well. The trail is also part of the PNT which is a 1,200mi trail from Glacier National Park to the Olympic Peninsula. These were my first footsteps on this trail and I quite enjoyed them.

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