Tinkham Peak

It was a dark and stormy day… and two hikers decided it would be a great idea to ride the Seattle water supply’s knife edge once again.

These brave adventurers knew that they could only take what they could fit on their backs, which wasn’t much as they used 35L 3.5in 40 bicubic arubik fantubic bombulubic packs. It was a daring feat to be sure.

The goal was to summit another peak which is rarely summited in a great storm of slowly moving fog. With only 13 hours to complete the task of hiking 4 miles, they ate extra gummy bears before departing their transport ship (car).


They pushed themselves to their limits; walking on rocks, sticks, twigs, (pine) needles, and the occasional blade of grass. Constantly aware of Seattle’s hair triggers on the armed guards’ weapons, and always cautious about the location of surrounding trees and enemy spies on the trail these young(ish) travelers continued to the summit.


On the way down, a little girl found the lost body of an alien organism hidden within a rock. She was proud of her fossilized discovery, we were horrified. It looked like a dreaded leaf of despair!

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