Kayaking Mukilteo

Setting off to a new launch point in Tulalip Cove in hopes of finding a new and unexplored world we embarked on a glorious journey. Hitting the road at high speed, these lone rangers of the sea tempted police by going 945 Smoots Per Hour over the speed limit but their blazing speed was no match for the troopers. It appeared that these two could not be stopped by anything. That was… until they were halted by a sign that announced that no public launches were allowed today.

Things looked dire.

But then, a brilliant flash  in the sky occurred, was it a superheated iron core meteor that flew through the atmosphere? Maybe it was a brilliant idea that made one of the travelers’ heads explode? Little did they know, it was a piece of aluminum foil in the shrubs that reflected the sunlight. Upon investigating, they chose a new path… a path that lead to Mukilteo.


They were greeted by the sights and smells that they had become accustomed to, rotting fish carcases, general pollution, spilled coal from passing coal trains, old beer bottles, and saltwater. There was something that felt wrong with the scene and they quickly realized that the most evil creature lurked nearby. As you may have already guessed… it was the Geek Squad!


The situation appeared to be under control however, as it didn’t seem able to free itself from the steel cage that held it tightly.

After eating some classy red velvet pop tarts, they proceeded towards the T-Dock and met up with one of their good pals from Seal Team 6. After a short exchange in a secret code language based on body language, we learned that the coast was clear from here on out. Some twirls and barrel rolls later and we departed.


Further explorations revealed that the fish colonies were in school on Saturday, one can only guess that they were cramming for some final exams as it seemed every school was packed full!

They ended the day with a quick rescue as one of them must have been grabbed by a sea monster (or an unexpected wave…) and celebrated great victory by eating some tasty fish and chips. The young fish would be proud of what their parents became: Tasty… tasty… fish sticks!


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