Skagit Island


 After some delay in getting out in the woods, I decided to go for a quick overnight on Skagit Island (again!). This was my friend’s first kayaking trip which is generally not advisable to start out on salt water on a camping trip. First major event: a capsize! Second: a successful rescue!

Once we landed on the island, we were confronted by a family that had setup camp on the island and told to get off the island. I was not prepared for these people to be so angry/ not understand the concept of sharing. The campsite that we planned on visiting is a human powered-only campsite (no power-boaters) so we ignored their yelling and just set up camp. It was a very tense night and they blockaded the path to the campsite which was rediculous and I finally went through explaining how CMT sites work and what group camping is etc. They stopped yelling at that point but were not happy that we were there.

It was pretty however! The sunset was lovely to watch as it dipped below the horizon and we left fairly early in the morning.


The morning waters were awesome and calm!


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