Paying it backwards

Hiking the PCT is not just about putting two feet to the pace of a heartbeat- it is about people helping each other.

Trail Angels are people that offer rides, food, beer, and places to rest to people that are hiking the PCT. I was incredibly grateful when I cam across boxes of beverages, saw a “hiker trash wanted” sign (commonly found on coppertone’s vehicle) or just a sign that listed numbers that you could call to offer rides to the trail or a nearby town. The community built up around hikers is quite impressive and to all of those that helped me on my 950 miles: Thank You!

Before I attempted my thru-hike this year, I had done some trail magic in the form of giving food to starving hikers and picked up some people as well. I did not do much however, so I have been making it a point to pay it backwards to those that have made it all the way up here. As an added bonus, I have been seeing my PCT friends along the way which has been amazing.


I setup a breakfast at Tacoma Pass in hopes of catching Mr. President on his amazing fundraising journey- the menu was created specifically for him but I brought enough food to feed the other hikers that went through. I met some new faces and made sure that they got good bacon and french toast.

I was incredibly happy to meet up with Mr. President as it had been a long time since we last saw each other- but he saw my final mile on the trail (including the copious amounts of vomit) and he is an incredible person from what he has accomplished in his life, and also his attitude towards life and others as well. His blog can be seen here:

And I am going to steal a picture from him from our meeting:


I am really hoping that I am able to hike with him when I rejoin him in the near future- we made an excellent team in the Sierras and I would love to see him finish his goal at the Northern Terminus!

I also had a meeting with Smitty today (no pictures were taken) but we hiked together for a while with luna and wild in So. Cal. It was good to catch up with him and hear what had changed on the trail (apparently he spent a while looking for me before realizing that I was no longer on the trail 😦  ). I will be bumping into him as he is doing 33 miles a day and will catch up with me fairly quickly- we hope to be able to do some kayaking in Seattle with his wife Danielle before he returns home. Once he goes home- he will be doing a 100 mile race… and contemplated starting the AT as well… Talk about determined!

Next post will probably be after I complete Washington!

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