The Great Pacific Crest Trail

After failing to complete the full Pacific Crest Trail in one year- I hoped to at least complete Washington. As of right now, it looks like that will not quite happen this year. I am actually fairly ok with that.

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I have experienced more this year than I could have ever hoped to experience, met some amazing people, and enjoyed the immense human interaction along the way. Right now I stand at 1,360 miles of the PCT that I have hiked (1,045 miles this year) and I am not ashamed about those numbers at all! I am grateful that I have been able to experience it all, from the hook worms and scorpions of California Section F, to the crystal clear waters of Washington.

This past section that I attempted was an impressively intense one! We got hit by several days of nonstop rain and some snow which eventually lead to us ditching the goal of a full section hike. It was a good experience however, and I was able to meet up with Mr. President for a few minutes which was good. We didn’t talk for long however, as our bodies were losing heat very quickly whenever we were stopped.

I like to joke that my camera only captures the best part of hikes. This was very true on this trip as we only had a few hours without rain and I don’t take my camera out if it is raining. Here is a lovely picture of Lake Janus:


Soon after this picture- the hike turned into a nonstop push through cold rain and wind. It wasn’t fun- to say the least.

We hiked for a while longer before finally choosing to depart the trail after hiking for 53 miles. Our gear was soaked, we were cold, and most importantly- we were not having a good time out there. I took no photos until departing the trail- when we finally got a 30 minute sun break.


With every choice in life- we discover something new… This time we met up with two amazing people that gave us a ride back to Seattle- they had planned a longer excursion but decided that it wasn’t worth it if they had no fun up there. We talked quite a bit in the car and learned that they had done pretty much every hike that Washington has to offer- I was incredibly impressed and picked their brain for a little bit.

We will see what happens in the remaining days of the hiking season, I hope to go out hiking a few more times and start my job search and become a productive member of society again 🙂

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