Day1 kayak trip

It has been a while since i last updated this… But never fear! I am still quite busy- just have not had much to post about.IMG_20140930_144735_775

So here it is… An update! And I am on another long distance trail 🙂 This time, I really don’t have any plans or hopes to finish in one go- as it is a water trail and I hope to return to it in the future to knock out other sections.

What is this madness you ask? This is the cascadia marine trail which covers much of the Puget sound. I started this journey this morning in hopes of finding some whales, find out my paddling limitations, and get one last hoorah before the summer weather is gone until next year.

Today was mostly sunny for almost the entire day, and not many other boaters were out. It was really nice! I reached my planned camping location about 4-5 hours before I had intended… So I pushed on past the Tacoma narrows bridge and onto vashon island where I am currently in my tent.

About 45min before arriving at the CMT campsite… I heard something… It was a whale! Checked that gloal off my list rather fast! It was pretty far away so I couldn’t tell what type it was… But I am still happy with that.

As I ate my dinner, I heard a few more breaths as well and they are still out there as I lay here in my tent. I am happy!

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