Timelapse Compilation

I have been fascinated by timelapse photography for quite a few years now as I can explore space further with my camera than I can with my humanoid eyes. The different perspective that you gain by watching hours of events in only a matter of a few seconds can lead to magical views as well.

With the recent hike up Granite Mountain for New Years, I was able to add a couple more angles to my ongoing reel of footage. Most of the timelapses happen over the course of 1-3 hours for every shot that is in the video.

The end of 2014 on Granite Mountain

Normally we look back on our year and make bold new goals for the upcoming year. This is the thing to do apparently. I decided that my life is actually going quite well as-is, I am not going to make a goal of beating my hiking miles this year as I don’t think that will be possible but I hope to get out, enjoy life, and explore as much as possible. Maybe my goal should be to take more pictures!

I spent New Years Eve hiking up one of my favorite lookout mountains- Granite Mountain. Over the last few years, I have enjoyed every lookout tower that I have been to and I love learning the history of the dying landmarks. We made it to the top around 12:30 so we missed seeing the Seattle fireworks but people in the valley below were lighting off quite a few (and shooting their guns… which was a little unnerving as we probably made for nice targets on the hill with our headlamps.

So I spent most of the night taking pictures. Here are some of the results:

Untitled_Panorama1sml Untitled_Panorama2sml

Granite Star trails N staredsml

Red Top Lookout 42edsml






DSC00312edsml DSC00298edsml DSC00319edsml




Absolutely phenomenal place to spend the last moments of 2014! I felt like a kid on Christmas morning when I woke up to the amazing scenery.