Timelapse Compilation

I have been fascinated by timelapse photography for quite a few years now as I can explore space further with my camera than I can with my humanoid eyes. The different perspective that you gain by watching hours of events in only a matter of a few seconds can lead to magical views as well.

With the recent hike up Granite Mountain for New Years, I was able to add a couple more angles to my ongoing reel of footage. Most of the timelapses happen over the course of 1-3 hours for every shot that is in the video.

One thought on “Timelapse Compilation

  1. We are wondering if the inside of a cubicle is not worthy of a post. May a time-lapse of the copy machine room. Or, say a still photo of your 3×2 work space (you thought the closet was bad) Don’t let your new passions keep you down, we can still read about the great drive on 1-90 traffic that you enjoy twice a day. Can you take a photo of that, time-lapse might be even better.

    Shake It Off!

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