All work and some Play makes me… a productive person.

After returning to society, I have learned some amazing things about life. First: you need a job in order to afford some exciting adventures later on. Secondly: Jobs can be a drag. Luckily- I have joined forces with a brain research company and am really enjoying the environment. I talk to people that are incredibly smart, and knowledgeable about brains (which most of you know is something that I lack). My boss is really nice and I am looking forward to working with him in the future, I am happy that they gave me the opportunity to work there.

This blog has been fairly sparse on the updates as I have been having adventures still, but do not have the time after to report my exciting happy times to you all. I hope to keep posting- but we will see what the future holds!

So onto the pretty pictures:

See this:


This is Not Work:


Neither is this:


This is work:


Happy (soon to be) Monday everyone!