Umtanum Falls

Umtanum Falls has been on my list of hikes that I should do- but since I had heard so many bad things about them being “super totally stupidly lame”, I had kept on pushing it back on my goal list. After failing to be able to make it to the first trailhead, we decided to go for something a little shorter and lower as we had burned through a bit of the day already.

So we decided that Umtanum Falls was short, and would be ok. I was surprised to find out that it was actually a really cool hike!


The falls were flowing quite well this time of the year- I have seen pictures that show a trickle over the top, which has disappointed quite a few people in the past. The pictures also make the falls seem like they are only about 6-10ft tall- but this turned out to be quite a bit off. I was surprised as to how nice they were!


The lava rocks held quite a bit of life, and had some really nice shapes and colors.


One of my favorite things about the desert is that the beauty is not immediately apparent- you have to look for it to be able to enjoy it. I am always fascinated by the varied life found hidden in the landscape- these flowers were quite small but were quite pretty! There were some other species as well- but the photos of those didn’t turn out well unfortunately.


There are tons of flowers in this picture- and maybe even a godzilla! (well ok.. maybe not… but one can hope). At first glance- this looks like a fairly dead landscape.

Maybe it is because I had such low expectations- but I found this hike to be rather pleasant and quite enjoyed my time there.

2 thoughts on “Umtanum Falls

  1. I just hiked down to the falls today. Very nice, though I found the trek down to the canyon floor a bit unnerving. (I slipped and fell on a similar slope last year and thus am not quite as sure-footed as I used to be!) I hope to try Umtanum Ridge later this summer.

    I really enjoy your blog! Keep it up!

    • That part of the trail was incredibly sketchy- I saw a couple people turn back when they reached there and I was incredibly careful to make sure my party understood the risks. Glad you find it useful!

      Thanks for the comment and I hope you have a good time exploring!

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