Umtanum Ridge

After making many plans and finding points of failure in each- we decided to try for the Durr Road/Yakima loop starting from Umtanum. We had all gone on this trail before partially but had never continued to the ridge line so we set forth to do a potential overnight. The overnight plan was trashed when large storm clouds came in and we just took a long break to enjoy snacks and each others company.


Umtanum has been one of my favorite spring hikes for a long time as the valley is full of flowers, butterflies, fruit, animals, ticks, and rattlesnakes. The full beauty is on the verge of erupting but has not happened yet unfortunately. The flowers have just started to show off.


Further up the trail- you start to see interesting geologic formations. This is Chukar Amphitheater which looks very much like an asteroid hit it. This is the aerial image: I wasn’t able to find more information on it however.


The trail is fairly unforgiving and you just keep on climbing. The views along the way were nice, so it was quite enjoyable.


I set up my tent at the top to fulfill my tent-monster tendencies and become one with the dirt again. After 3-4 hours of sleep- I had issues not taking a nap. The view was quite nice!


The Ridge has a long road that follows near the top and can be seen going off into the distance. The clouds were threatening us quite well but it did provide quite the scenery!


This is a compilation of about 20 pictures- the full size is a little over 300MP. I might upload it later so it is browse-able but I do not have enough time to figure out that process again.


We hiked down as the sun was setting and enjoyed the contrasting colors. The shade made for some chilly hiking conditions but it was a lot of fun! I had hoped to find a rattlesnake on this trip, but we were not very lucky in finding them. I had a lot of fun on this trip and got some good exercise too!


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