My Terrible and Horrible weekend

This weekend was full of Horrible and Terrible events.


Over a year ago- I met up with a couple that was hiking the PCT and their names were Horrible and Terrible. I mentioned them a long while ago so you are forgiven if you don’t remember my life story. I hiked with them for quite a ways in the desert but got separated due to different hiking speeds. But they stopped by Seattle to say hi- and I took them quite a few places around Washington.


The first place we went was the PCT!


Well that is technically Silver Mountain- but we took the PCT to this peak. The views were great and the temperature was about perfect! On the way up, we bumped into two hikers that we spent the rest of the trip with- Lance and Heather (I think). They were originally from Hawaii and were very nice people- I am saying this even without their bribery of fresh fruit at the top. Lance- if you ever read this… thank you very much for the excellent company and tasty fruit! Both were great additions to the day’s adventures!


The view was awesome.



We then continued down to Mirror Lake- which is about 1.5mi further down the trail from the Silver Peak Trail.


Mirror Lake was as pretty as ever and we managed to visit right before the crowds hit the place. The water looked quite nice and I almost took a quick dip in it… but decided that it was too cold to warm up properly. Another time- another place perhaps.


After this lovely day hike- we decided that kayaking sounded fun as well so we did an overnight to Hope Island.


The trip over was quite uneventful and very calm which was nice. We met Don and Ken after some further exploring and shared some of our stories and learned about them as well. They had been kayaking together for 20 years and have gone to many of my bucket list destinations.


We ended up exploring the Island and also went around the bay a little before finally calling it a day and going to sleep.


We even got to see the Aurora the following morning! Although… it wasn’t as pretty as I had remembered it…


Overall we had an awesome Horrible and Terrible weekend with mostly perfect weather and some good adventures! It was good to be able to explore the area with them and show them what is possible from their future home in Portland.