As Promised: long delays between updates.

It may be evident that I have not been updating this blog very much as of late. Don’t worry- I have been having a ton of fun over the past few months, I have just been debating whether or not blogging hurts the natural world.

I have noticed a growing trend of trail trashers- those that are invited into the wilderness by social media to get “the perfect shot” or “tag” the trails with graffiti so they can leave their mark. I am reminded of what I saw in Southern California while hiking down there:


The issue with the perfect-shot people is that photos can end up trashing nature as people leave trails, cut bushes, and straight up modify nature to make it “prettier”. I do not see this as being helpful to the preservation of these resources for future generations. People who tag the trails are just big jerks- I got in an argument with one such person and they felt it was their right to put their marks on signs and trees. That argument ended in them informing me that I need to carry more paint remover as they were more empowered with their efforts. This didn’t make me happy, so I spent some time trying to figure out if my blog actually hurt nature.

I am still debating it- but I have deleted my photography page, and I am now not posting WTA trip reviews unless it has been a substantial time since the last- we don’t need 20 updates on the Rattlesnake trail each day.

So on to lighter news… here are some shots from the past couple months:

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As is probably evident- I have been doing a lot of biking, mainly during my on-call rotation as I can explore near work and get some good exercise in (2016 totals so far: 540mi and 23,169 ft gain). My goal of this Winter was to avoid muscle loss due to inactivity- I am planning on going back to the PCT this Summer for a couple weeks and need as much muscle as is possible to be able to hop back into the higher mileage days needed.

Hope all of your worlds are spinning in the correct direction- and remember LNT when you are exploring. Here is a good reminder of what you can do to minimize impact:

Happy Trails, Friends!