3 Days in Hawaii: The Big Island

I had the opportunity to take a longer weekend and visit Hawaii. This has been a bucket list item and I had a blast!


The hardest part for my planning was deciding what “visiting Hawaii” actually meant to me- and thankfully I had a travel buddy that helped broaden my scope of activities and enjoy the experience quite a bit more!

Overall- the plan was to get the most out of the least amount of time and I feel that we did a great job of hitting everything that we wanted- all while staying withing a decently strict budget. We flew into Kona and rented a car from Enterprise (I highly recommend spending a little more to go with a reputable car rental company). The overall thought process was to move about the island in a clockwise direction.

This resulted in a plan that included:

Friday night
  – grab car
  – Drive to Lookout – sleep in car
Saturday Morning
  – Waipio Valley Hike –early–
Saturday Day
  – Farmers Market Honokaa
  – Akaka Falls
Saturday evening
  – Pāhoa, HI
Saturday night
  – Issac Hale Park
  – Volcano National Park (night lava viewing)
Sunday Morning
  – Thurston Lava Tube
  – hike Kīlauea Iki Crater
Sunday Day
  – Volcano National Park
Sunday evening
  – Jagger museum and Volcano National Park
Sunday night
  – Snorkel with Manta Rays
Monday Morning
  – Hawaiian Bakery
  – Kahaluu Beach Park Snorkeling
Monday Day
  – Relaxing
  – Hawaiian food
While we missed the snorkeling at Kahaluu, we substituted a snorkeling adventure with Manta Rays! I can’t recommend this enough!
Sequence 01_18382ed
Overall I think that this itinerary fit our plans well and didn’t waste time at resorts or bars and we felt that we had a great vacation in the end.
Here are some more shots from the adventure:

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