You can call me Tent Monster.

I mainly started blogging when I attempted a thru hike of the Pacific Crest Trail in 2014, falling out due to sickness and personal reasons at 950 miles. One of my biggest goals is to keep knocking out sections as I progress through my life (currently have 1,600+ miles done). My friends and family appreciated knowing that I had not been eaten by bears, bitten by rattlesnakes, or joined a pack of wolves.

One of my biggest motivators is fearing that I go through my life making plans for it, but fail to actually act on them.

My blog will have highs and lows, long stints without updates, and hopefully some beautiful photos along the way. So feel free to follow me as I explore the world, and bounce between the great outdoors and the whirring server rooms.

Happy Trails Everyone!

-Tent Monster

2 thoughts on “About

  1. You forgot some of your hobby experience. Helping build the house. Running various Track Hoe, bulldozer and equipment. Photographer….

  2. Tent Monster!

    Thank you for the Trail Magic at Tacoma Pass. I was fortunate to meet you and your friend Mr. President. You are a kind and thoughtful young man. I loved the french toast and bacon.

    I made it to Stevens Pass and will complete the PCT in August of next year.

    Keep me informed of your progress in Washington State. Strike that. I’ll add your RSS feed and make sure I know what your up to.

    Here’s my overview of my section: I walked 288 miles in the PCT Washington state wilderness in 15 days. From a low of 1072 feet to a high of 7600. I passed in full view of Mt Saint Helens, Mt Adams and Mt Ranier. Daily climbs 2000 to 5000 feet. I crossed dozens of creeks and forded several rivers. Passed gorgeous lakes in pastoral settings. Miles and miles of dense forest and the near equivalent of exposed rock faces with narrow trails and 1000 foot drops. At the perilous and astounding Goat Rocks I crossed long snow fields to see unparalleled views of western Washington. Unspoiled wilderness and logged private lands dotted with Christmas tree farms of of replanted clear cuts. I’ve never done anything more heart pounding and physically demanding.

    I met dozens of hikers, some going all the way, and some out for a few days. All of them nice and interesting. Most of them young idealistic and full of life. Don’t hang around anyone without a dream.

    I encountered heart warming trail magic. French Toast and bacon at a forest road from Tent Monster. Ginger ale and the applause of a running group as I exited the forest. If you want to feel good about humanity go for a hike.

    Next year I’ll finish my grand adventure at the Canadian border.

    See you on the trail.

    Dana Law
    P.S. I have a photo to share with you. A direct email address?

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