Last day of LA

Today is the last day I have in Los Angeles, heading off to San Diego/eventually Lake Morena this afternoon. It has been quite nice being able to stay with my cousin who has graciously housed me through my stay and made some rather tasty food for me as well!

I packed my pack this morning with 3L of water, and enough food for about 7 days on the trail and I am starting to understand why people carry all of this on horses! Even at about 25 lbs… it seems rather heavy. This is why I will be taking it slow the first few weeks, and gradually speeding up (especially on the cooler days). I am also looking forward to my curry and rice mix that I made right before leaving- it is a little heavier than my other mixes, but tastes quite good!

One last note: I should have taken an AC adapter for my phone as I am running quite low on battery life (not sunny in LA amazingly). Oops.

Final goodbyes, continued final packing.


I have had an absolutely awesome week of fun outings and going away parties with friends. I am very happy that I have so many awesome friends and family members and I look forward to future expeditions when I return!

I am only 36 hours away from departing Seattle, and I am just about ready to leave. Final packing is being accomplished, and some minor last minute shopping is happening as well. I was able to take advantage of the beautiful weather to circumnavigate Jetty Island, and visit the really old ships that they sunk about 100 years ago to create the Everett breakwater.

Next up is continuing working on my gear, and finalizing my resupplies. Trail has quite a few good streams currently, and the snow isn’t looking too bad, but I will need some snow gear for the first bit unfortunately.

Final Prep

I was able to set up a gps tracker (see link on the top of this page), which I am planning on updating every few days on the trail. I also renewed my SAR insurance, just in case something goes poorly (I am going to avoid it at all cost). Overall I am feeling fairly accomplished as I only have three major things left: repacking my re-supplies, doing taxes, and the final pack of my gear.

My depart date is also official: April 9th. That is about it for now. Happy Trails


Dehydrating has begun.

ImageSo far I have not done all that much but I am trying to only dehydrate sauces and veggies to add to things like rice and noodles. I have been re-evaluating my choices of food drops and am concluding that I would be best off by shipping breakfasts and dinners to myself and buying snacks in town.

This new ides will hopefully reduce the postage required and make this trip a little bit cheaper. My ship out date is still in the air, but it looks like I will probably be heading out from Seattle around April 8th. That is pretty much it for now… spent a bit of the weekend celebrating the 25th rotation around the sun that I have experienced.

I am getting old.


First phone post.

I am only 4-7 weeks away from departing and I have a ton of things to accomplish, from testing out the WordPress app, to Securing a reliable method of transferring my photos from my camera to my phone.

Some quick notes: my USB charging wall wart doesn’t work, the WordPress app is buggy(don’t worry… their website works splendidly), the only otg micro USB to micro USB cable was $119 online (I made mine for $1.50), my umbrella has been successfully attached to my pack (I look amazing… if you are wondering.) The coming weeks will hopefully include full scale dehydrating, more exercise, and a set leave date.

Things that went really well: I made good coffee, rebuilt my father’s computer, partially rebuilt my server, and worked on data redundancy and my disaster plan.

This is me.. with my stylish umbrella. Note the terrible qualities of my phone’s camera:



Ears are a powerful thing, yet remain unnoticed until they decide to not work properly. I was diagnosed with Benign Positional Vertigo (aka BPV) after a few weeks of random dizzy spells, it became more permanent as the weekend progressed.

According to healthline… “BPV develops when small pieces of calcium break free and find their way to the tube in the inner ear. This causes your brain to receive confusing messages about your body’s position.”

As fascinating as I find this to be, I would like it to stop now. Maybe we could just remove that ear? My right ear has always given me problems, and I think I could manage without it. I guess my biggest concern would have to do with the PCT, but having this happen now is really good for being prepared if it strikes again.

Anyways… back to the Epley’s Maneuver. I hope I can go back to work tomorrow…