near mikes place

Been a day or two since my last update I think. Very little in the way of cellphone reception in the last bit of trail. Left warner springs after a long while delaying as much as possible. Stayed with my amazing group of hiking buddies catdog, horrible, and terrible. We made it to paradise cafe […]

tasty water…

Staying here for the night, got a water source that looks quite nasty. Full of bugs etc. Finally saw a rattlesnake today and had a huge swarm of bees do a flyby. I was fairly sire I stepped on a bee hive but they were just doing formation flying. Didn’t hike far today as my […]

Travel day 2

Only worthwhile issue worth mentioning today is that we picked up another train that broke down and adopted the passengers from it. Unfortunately it added 17 more stops to our route. Some people are getting annoyed but in the end… it will only add about an hour to the ride. In the beginning they were […]